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We specialize in the development, remodeling and adaptation of architectural spaces for corporate, institutional, commercial and private clients.

Our portfolio of services covers all the phases that make up projects of this type, from its conception to its maintenance over time. Thanks to this division of the process into its different stages, we can flexibly adapt to projects of different scopes or offer complete projects.

Our philosophy is to free our clients from worries by integrating phases, suppliers and supplies in a fluid and seamless process that optimizes costs and spaces.

Space Consulting

At Figamma D+A, our process starts from getting to know the client, in a one-on-one consultation, where we listen to their needs, and discuss how we can help them reimagine their space.

Interior Design

At Figamma D+A we are experts in creating inspired/personalized spaces. Our team of designers and architects are guided by the principles of architecture, human proportions and the environment. We conceive timeless environments that reflect how you want to live, work, study , rest, play, enjoy. We develop a detailed, creative proposal, tailored to your needs. In it we provide distribution plans, furniture and finishes boards, and product ideas that will give life to your spaces, and will reflect how you can live them.


At Figamma D+A we know that it is not enough to devise and imagine the projects, but that they must be built with the best quality standards and attention to detail. Our best letter of introduction is satisfied customers who not only become long-term friends and allies, but also our best sales team.

Project Management

Figamma D+A has professionals and expert allies in Project Management. Our work methodology contemplates the best practices of this discipline for the development of residential, commercial or corporate spaces, up to the coordination of larger and more complex projects.

Brand Implementation

At Figamma D+A we focus on each client, we analyze their DNA, we get to know either their corporate values and brand guidelines, or simply the spirit of each person, to capture in the spaces what they want to feel and transmit.

Project Development: Turn Key, Delegated Administration

At Figamma D+A we adapt with great versatility to the form of contracting, scope of work, and limitations of each project: time, investment, location, look & feel. For this reason, our proposals are personalized, evaluating the way of working that best suits the needs of each project.