The word Figamma was an original idea of our CEO, it is the result of the merger between the Greek letter “F” “Ф” (pronounced “fi”) and the Greek letter “G” “Г” (pronounced “gamma”), initials of the name of our founder Fernando Gonzalez. Greece is the cradle of architecture and perfect proportions, hence the inspiration that the initials were of this culture.

Harmony has a mathematical value expressed by the so-called golden number or perfection, which has an approximate value of 1.6184 and is expressed by the Greek letter (phi). This number is used as a reference to calculate how well a face, a human body, a flower or a musical, artistic or architectural work is. The closer the aesthetic phi is between the different measures of the object of study, the more harmonic this will be.

Our company was born on September 26, 1994, initially with the commercial representation of office elements and accessories, of recognized brands such as Multiform, Disarchivo, Series, among others.

Over the years, we have identified opportunities in the execution of corporate, commercial, institutional, and high-end residential projects, developing a philosophy of integration of components that is now known as “turnkey”. We were pioneers in projects of this type in the country and we have innovated in creating other and better ways to advise, giving value to our clients, always moved by our passion for design.

Today Figamma is recognized as one of the leading architectural and interior design studios where the quality and readiness of our team produces the best results making each project a memorable experience.

“In the power of
transformation from before to
after we generate quality
of work-life and
emotional profitability.”


Fernando González R.

General Manager

Luz Piedad Santa O.

Creative Director

Lina Maria González S.

Design Director

Natalia González S.

Strategic Director

Gabriela Barreto G.

Designer Architect 

Maria Alejandra Olaya

Resident architect 

Vanessa Aparicio G.

HSE Resident

Steven White G.

Architect Draftsman

Julian Palomá

Project Coordinator Architect