After winning a bid in which 18 bidders participated, the challenge of this project, the new headquarters of the Colombian Palm Tree growers Federation (Fedepalma), was unifying two headquarters of the company: the management area and the operational area, integrating more than 300 employees under the same space.

The breakdown of the palm tree leaf and its fruit, was the starting point to develop the design concept; the selection of the color palette and richness of textures applied to the space came from it as well. A living green wall in the double-height staircase space is the main actor of the reception and the perfect doorway to enter the facilities. Seeking to optimize the operation, encourage teamwork and achieve general welfare, an open plan distribution was created, with executive offices in a private area, different collaborative spaces, leisure and wellness areas, and formal meeting rooms for clients and visitors.

A consultation and research area were also designed to be used by people from the guild, with a wide selection of publications and educational material, as well as technological research tools.

Interior Design


Sector: Agroindustrial
Location: Bogotá
Total area: 2.200 m2
Year 2018

“We didn’t think it was possible to finish the project on schedule, this shows a lot of professionalism on their part.”